Week of Inspiration :: Day 2 :: Business smarts

Paul and Holly of Paul Rich Studio

When I used to make hair piece for myself and family/friends only, I never thought of ever making pieces as my main occupation. I thought I was going to be a scientist forever. It amazes me still to look back and see the huge steps I took to get to where I am today. I usually plan very far out and hardly take risks... very type A personality. I remember telling my...
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Beautiful! :: Amy & Sean's wedding photos :: Paul Rich Studio

I'm up late as usual and while visiting Paul Rich Studio's blog, I was so excited to see some of Amy & Sean's wedding photos! They turned out beautifully! I wasn't expecting them up so soon, so it was a great surprise. I think the rest will be up after all the post production work is complete, but some of their favorites are up and you'll have to check out there blog to see the rest and to see all...
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PRESS :: Portland Bride & Groom

I am completely honored to say that twigs & honey is now featured in the current Summer/Fall issue of Portland Bride & Groom!

A few months ago, I was absolutely giddy and a bit in shock when Jill, the editor, got in touch to inquire about a custom piece for their "Wish List" spread. This was really early in my Etsy shop history, so I was honored and utterly flattered. Portland Bride & Groom has...
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More photos of Elizabeth Dye's 2008 Spring/Summer fashion

Yipee! I loved everything Elizabeth Dyecreated for her "break free of winter and welcome some color" styled line for Spring/Summer. There were lots of punchy colors, forgiving and flowy shapes, great prints and rising hemlines. It was a blast and I'm STILL so happy, that Elizabeth was able to create my wedding dress. I'm continually reminded of her talents. The theme was very mod 60s. The show was...
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