Wedding dream team collaboration :: Photo shoot

Whew! Yesterday was fantastic! I had a great time collaborating with some of my favorites (the best!) in the Portland wedding arena for a gorgeous photo shoot.
Dress extraordinaire, Elizabeth Dye
Photographer, Lisa Warninger
Stylist, Chelsea Fuss (of frolic!)
Accessories, Twigs & Honey (yours truly)
Model, Anna Adams
Location, Ace Hotel

These are just some of my photos... but more beautiful photos by...
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Such a sweet post on twigs & honey :: Thank you Beth

I love the title of this post, "I Love Myra". Too cute. The wonderfully sweet, Beth, had me create her oh, so charming bridal hair piece last month and I had been meaning to do a post about it!

Her piece actually was one of my favorite designs and even caught the eye of another designer, Elizabeth Dye. So, I've actually recreated it due to popular demand and it is now part of the English Dept....
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New Collection :: Firefly Enlightened :: twigs & honey

Even though I've been happily plugging away at the custom orders, I've managed to squeeze in just enough time to launch just one piece from my new collection: Firefly Enlightened. I have known for some time now that I'd like to launch several themed collections just because my pieces can vary quite a bit, and generally the pieces follow some related theme. I suppose you could also call it my...
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