Elizabeth Messina... thought it couldn't get any better...

... and it did.
Elizabeth Messina has the most beautiful photos. Yes, they are all over this blog. She recently paired up with Leah Macdonald of Waxworks and created this beautiful piece of art:

oooh... and I'm tickled that the photo includes a Twigs & Honey piece!
If you are interested in Elizabeth's encaustic work, email her (info@elizabethmessina.com). If you're lucky enough to attend the Lovely...
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New piece in my Etsy shop :: Garden headband

I love this design and so I decided to recreate it and list it in my etsy shop. I originally created it for A Lovely Workshop. Here is one of my favorite photos by Elizabeth Messina from the shoot:

It's a very easy going piece and perfect for an unfussy, carefree bride or for everyday. Find it HERE.
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I had to drop everything to do a quick post...

Thank you, Elizabeth Messina!
I know I keep gushing about Elizabeth Messina, but with good reason... as talented of a photographer this lady is, she is equally kind, professional and thoughtful... and stunning! I've been seeing more of the gorgeous photos from A Lovely Workshop appearing on blogs including Style Me Pretty (go HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE), and I just love to oogle every single one. A...
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