Pinkham Millinery :: 10 years

Matt and I stopped by Pinkham Millinery'sstudio yesterday evening for their 10 year celebration in Morgan's Alley. Dayna Pinkham is one of my most favorite milliners around. She made custom fedoras for Matt and I and we love them to death. The annual sale was also kicked off last night and I snagged a fabulous hat. There were so many that I loved, but I need to save up for those and spread my...
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Pinkham Millinery :: The Procession

Photo credits: Minh Tran
I wish we could have gone! Matt and I were way too sick and didn't want to infect anyone else, but if we could have, we would have gone to last week's Pinkham Millinery show that took place in a cemetery! You already know how I ADORE Dayna Pinkham's creations.... so this event really looked ultra spectacular... pulling many talented local designers together to create an...
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I love anything that goes on your head

I should have taken photos ages ago, but for our 1 year anniversary, I got Matt and I matching fedora style custom hats from Pinkham Millinery. I highly, highly recommend seeing Dayna Pinkham! She is just phenomenal. Everything is customizable, which really makes the end result that much more special. We got to choose the material, color, brim size, height, ribbon, accent... everything... and of...
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