More photos of Elizabeth Dye's 2008 Spring/Summer fashion

Yipee! I loved everything Elizabeth Dye created for her "break free of winter and welcome some color" styled line for Spring/Summer. There were lots of punchy colors, forgiving and flowy shapes, great prints and rising hemlines. It was a blast and I'm STILL so happy, that Elizabeth was able to create my wedding dress. I'm continually reminded of her talents. The theme was very mod 60s. The show was titled "Three is a Magic Number" and took me right back to the time I sang it for a musical. The other School House Rock tune I was responsible for: Figure 8. The director said I was the "smart one" (i.e. math nerd), so I would be the only one to handle it. hmmm...
I digress! Thank you Elizabeth for asking me to "model"! I had a wonderful time and any excuse to wear your pieces... I'm there! Thank you Ambrosia from Magnum Opus for transforming me into a Bond babe. Thank you Clara for the make up application and eyeshadow that my husband appreciated. ;) Thank you Paul Rich of Paul Rich Studio for the photos and the enthusiasm! Thank you Dove and Sarah for being just so darn fun and sweet and congrats on your upcoming weddings! And of course, thank you Matt, my hubby and cheerleader. Everyone loved the flowers. Here are a few photos from the show:

Sarah getting her hair done by the amazing Ambrosia.

Dove and I climbed up and down these bad boys several times throughout the show for quick changes. Climbed or flew?

The lovely and leggy Sarah.

The gorgeous and very swan-esque Dove.

Who could this be? Way too groovy to be me.

All the lovely ladies after the finale walk.
Thank you Paul Rich Studio for the amazing photos (last 4).

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