Week of Inspiration :: Day 2 :: Business smarts

Paul and Holly of Paul Rich Studio

When I used to make hair piece for myself and family/friends only, I never thought of ever making pieces as my main occupation. I thought I was going to be a scientist forever. It amazes me still to look back and see the huge steps I took to get to where I am today. I usually plan very far out and hardly take risks... very type A personality. I remember telling my...
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Photo shoot :: Just some of the wonderful photos

I have been meaning to do a lovely post about the photo shoot we did with Paul Rich Studio and Elizabeth Dye, but I just keep running out of time! I've decided to post a nice assortment of a few of the gorgeous photos we shot a couple weeks ago - in freezing wintry weather! I loved the results! Thank you so much Paul Rich Studio, Elizabeth Dye and Holly Andres!! You are the best!

Fashions worn on...
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Photo shoot :: coming soon!

I just had to gush about some truly fantastic people we are so fortunate to know and work with!

We recently (yesterday) had a photo shoot for the twigs & honey pieces and came away with some amazing photos. I'll be posting about this more in the coming weeks, but wanted to thank Paul Rich Studio & Elizabeth Dye!! Paul, his lovely wife Holly, and the ridiculously charming and gorgeous Elizabeth Dye...
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