New pieces in the Etsy shop

I have a few new pieces for the Etsy shop... a bit of a random mix, but each is very unique and oh-so-much fun!
Double lux
I found the yummiest, softest, prettiest silk fabric over the weekend and had to fashion it into something. Fruit Punch
This one is fun... you can braid or weave the metallic threads into your hair for a subtle and romantic accent.
Golden Threads
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Whimsical and versatile new piece :: In my Etsy shop today

I felt inspired by the sunny weather to create a fun new piece... multi-purpose! It's in my Etsy shop and you can view it HERE. You can wear it as a...
Twigs & Honey
Bridal belt or strap embellishment (great for spaghetti straps or create one for a strapless gown)...
Twigs & Honey
a necklace...
Twigs & Honey
a headband...
So many choices...
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