New Grey Likes Weddings site + Twigs & Honey Giveaway!

I've been loving the new Grey Likes Wedding blog and if you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely add it to the blogroll! Summer Watkins, the creator of Grey Likes Weddings, is an amazingly talented stylist and always finds the perfects bits of inspiration to share on her blog. She also has a beautiful BABY site and NESTING site, so be sure to visit them all. To celebrate the newly relaunched...
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Giveaway winner! :: Thank you to everyone!

Thank you to everyone who posted comments for the giveaway! I had a wonderful time reading through all the sweet and thoughtful comments and it was really great to hear which pieces people like the most. I really wish I could make a piece for everyone! I used a random integer generator to "draw" 1 winner (, and made the rule before I generated the number that for any multiple posts from...
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Twigs & Honey Giveaway piece and more

Thank you to everyone for your extremely sweet comments to the last post! I'm excited to see who will be randomly chosen! I wish I had time to make several hundred pieces for everyone. It has been great to read the comments and get a feel for what pieces everyone is most interested in, which gives me great feedback for what pieces might make reappearances this next season. Here's the piece I'll be...
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1 year Twigs & Honey anniversary :: Giveaway!

These pieces were a couple special projects from this past year.
I meant to do this post a little sooner, but it's been so busy!
Anyhow, I wanted to thank everyone who worked with and supported me this past year with twigs & honey! I cannot believe how fast the year went by, but on January 25th, twigs & honey is celebrating 1 year since its first Etsy sale to this lovely lady. As a modest thank you...
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