The New 2012 Collection :: Twigs & Honey

Our new collection took over a year - yes - over a year to complete and we couldn't be happier with the results. I personally wanted to slow some things down this year... specifically, I wanted the designs to be nurtured and created with time as opposed to being rushed together. Most of the new styles began as a concept, then a sketch. After I made a sample, I would tweak for weeks or months until...
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Etsy Featured Seller!

I am so excited to announce that I'm an Etsy Featured Seller! Click HERE.

photo credits: Lisa Warninger

I started selling in my Etsy shopback in January of 2008 and was able to create a full fledged business shortly after. At that time, I was working a full-time job for the government and after 2-3 months of selling on Etsy, was able to put my notice in with my employer, left my job and started...
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Four corners of the Twigs & Honey studio

It's a modest little space...
I guess I never really blogged my studio in its entirety, huh? It's about time. :) I am constantly reorganizing, rearranging, and de-cluttering it. It's a perpetual work in progress. Since it isn't huge, I really have to maximize the space. See more in my Flickr folder.
My raised table for building pieces. I like to stand more than sit. It's better for your b-u-t-t....
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Lovely wedding featured in Unveiled Weddings

Elizabeth Messina has really blown me away with these beautiful photos from her brother's wedding to the prettiest bride, Lauren. I got a sneak peak last month and have been dying to see more photos. I made Lauren a dramatic bridal hat with handmade, oversized silk white flowers and a double feather flower with detachable birdcage veil. Lauren wore them beautifully! See more photos HERE and at Unv...
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Just a twigs & honey shop update...

I've currently sold out of all my shop pieces! I'm still taking custom orders so be sure to convo me in Etsy if you are interested in a piece!

I wanted to mention that I'll be posting a new shop piece tonight (maybe around 9-11pm Pacific time) in my Etsy shop. It was the one I created special for a wedding event (check out I'm wearing it in the photo above.

I am going...
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