Photo shoot :: coming soon!

I just had to gush about some truly fantastic people we are so fortunate to know and work with!

We recently (yesterday) had a photo shoot for the twigs & honey pieces and came away with some amazing photos. I'll be posting about this more in the coming weeks, but wanted to thank Paul Rich Studio & Elizabeth Dye!! Paul, his lovely wife Holly, and the ridiculously charming and gorgeous Elizabeth Dye were such good sports and so utterly sweet throughout the day despite 30 degree weather, sleet and rain coming at us sideways, wind, curious onlookers, the occasional security guard, you name it! THANK YOU!

More on this later.....
Please visit Elizabeth Dye's site for some visually delicious work!
Also visit the talented Holly Andres to view some extraordinary artwork.
And of course, as I post everywhere and can't say enough good things about them, visit Paul Rich Studio for some absolutely breathtaking wedding photography.

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