NYC recap and Ann Taylor windows

Matt and I went on a last, last minute trip to NYC earlier in the week/weekend and had a great time. We've both never been so everything was new. :) It was mostly meetings and business, but we did get to squeeze in some great meals and sightseeing.

Lovely Bridal Shop
Visiting Lovely Bridal Shop. It was so great to meet Lanie and the ladies at Lovely! Such a gorgeous shop - brides - you should check them out!
Lovely Bridal Shop
Lovely Bridal Shop
Elizabeth Dye
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Feather charm necklaces up in the new Twigs Etc. Etsy shop

I just got back from the business trip in California and am getting back into the swing of things... albeit, a bit slowly today. We left the house as a complete disaster before we left so I've been trying to clean up a bit and unpack so I don't go totally nuts.

After some popular request during and after Little Winter, I've opened up a new etsy shop for all the new jewelry and accessory pieces....
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What's New?

I've been experimenting a bit for the last few months on different textures, materials, dyeing techniques and other R&D for Twigs & Honey and I'm excited to unveil some of my projects at Little Winter this Saturday and Sunday at the Ace Hotel in Portland, OR.

Twigscent solid perfume lockets
Solid perfume lockets - great for gift giving.
Petite blossom earrings.
Gradient hand dyed feather necklace.

I will have lots of other pretty...
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