love this Kate Towers capelet

Just had to gush about this:

I love the details on this dress.
I like to stalk Kate Towers Etsy shopand daydream about all her lovely creations. Speaking of stalking, what are your favorite fashion/design/art blogs? Please post a comment if you have a good one in mind. I have a collection of favorites that I love to frequent everyday for inspiration, but I don't have a ton of time to "discover" new...
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Unique dresses :: Check out Kate Towers Etsy shop NOW

I just noticed today that there are a handful of lovely pieces in Kate Towers Etsy shop. If you need something lovely, unique and girly, run over to her shop by clicking HERE. This white dress would be perfect for a bride:

I love the ruffles...

This one is my favorite.

This one is just charming.
Photo credits: Kate Towers
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Week of Inspiration :: Day 1 :: Personal Style

Photo source: Kate Towers
As previously mentioned, this week I'll be posting about a different aspect of the twigs & honey biz and the various creative folks that inspired me along the way. I just spent all day Sunday finishing taxes. I'm mentally done with numbers for this week, so onto pretty things!

In terms of the style of twigs & honey pieces, I have been influenced by so many people,...
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Personal project :: What to wear?

My big sister is getting married in a couple weeks! AND I still have nothing to wear!

It is definitely less stress to come up with an outfit compared with when I was a bride, but it doesn't help that I've been procrastinating. Last weekend at the fashion show, I saw a gorgeous Kate Towersdress that I thought might work and may still if I can find the time to try it on - currently at the English...
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