Racing & Birthdays!

Our family has a lot of birthdays in January! Mine, my dad's and my sister's husband, Sean. This past weekend, we had our birthday dinner at Claim Jumper in Clackamas, OR and ate TONS of good food and had a great time:
After dinner, we went to Sykart in Tigard, OR for some awesome kart racing!
Signing in and getting ready. Matt and I got memberships. Yes!
Getting pumped up for the race! The karts at...
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Ooh, wow!

I recently worked with Madeline Roosevelt, who's stunning make-up artistry I'm sure you've seen from the Novel Romance, Elizabeth Dye's lookbook, and many other notable events and photo shoots. She is amazing, simply put. She had a recent photo shoot and a very interesting concept.... Bare Beauty. See for yourself! Stunning! All headpieces are by Twigs & Honey.

Photo credits: Erik Freeman
Make-up: ...
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Straight hair :: Thermal Reconditioning from LeResh

I got my hair straightened and as promised, here are a bunch of pictures. I go to a great lady in Portland just off NW 23rd, LeResh. She is absolutely fantastic at what she does.

The hair chronicles of Myra begin...
At around 6th grade, my straight hair went curly. Not in a lovely, "oh, my hair is just nicely curled like this, always" kind of way! It was and naturally is unruly. I have major...
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Seaside birthday : Razor clams, a bust

Matt, Indy and I spent Saturday night and Sunday at Seaside this weekend and despite not finding one razor clam in a record breaking season, we had a wonderful time. Indy was a terrific travel companion and didn't whine or complain. On Saturday, the wind and rain blew at us sideways while we were clamming by lantern light in the evening/night. At that point, the tide was already a bit too high. It...
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Winter blizzard :: Brrrr...

I am sure many of you have heard of the crazy Oregon weather, but it has really hit Salem, OR hard as of late. Yesterday, there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground and then it rained, and then it froze to make lovelyice. Yay! Not really. In the evening yesterday, Matt and I were bundled on the sofa and saw a huge explosion outside, only meters from our house. The transformer right outside our...
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