Watercolor blooms

Freshly handmade from scratch:
Twigs & Honey Watercolor Blooms.
These ones are always slightly different from piece to piece. I love that. :) I hear more people saying they hand paint their flowers even though it doesn't look like it. I think some people use "hand painted" in the way they describe their work when it actually isn't. I use in my descriptions when I actually paint them so it might be...
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New velvet crush

I'm just a little hooked on and excited about velvet right now. Why? I don't know, but if pressed on the question, I guess it's because it has a vintage feel about it. I like the the weight and thickness as well. It creates lovely durable and substantial head pieces. Expect to see many more velvet pieces soon. Here's the latest:

Milky Way
Hand dyed and handmade silk velvet and silk organza flower.
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