New piece in my Etsy shop :: Garden headband

I love this design and so I decided to recreate it and list it in my etsy shop. I originally created it for A Lovely Workshop. Here is one of my favorite photos by Elizabeth Messina from the shoot:

It's a very easy going piece and perfect for an unfussy, carefree bride or for everyday. Find it HERE.
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A little shop update later today!

I rarely get the chance to make pieces open to the public for my Etsy shopbut over the last few weeks, I snuck in making a piece here and there and have a nice handful to post Wednesday afternoon/evening, possibly at night depending on my schedule. I also have a few boutique orders to deliver over the next couple weeks including a new location/boutique, which I'll announce when I get everything...
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New piece in the Etsy shop :: Feathery necklace

I just listed a lovely necklace in my Etsy shop today. Fun to wear and eye catching, this necklace will surely turn heads! The more adventurous types can also wear it as a headband/wrap. Ultra pretty... I want to go run in a meadow while wearing it!

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