In love with pink.

So the skin on my fingers is nearly rubbed raw after spending too many hours into the late night hand sewing these pieces. I still have many more to create but if you are lucky enough to be one of ladies signed up for Lisa Warninger's Boudoir shoot this weekend, you'll have the opportunity to wear these (inspired by Snippet & Ink inspiration board):

I'm still tweaking the mask a bit... but nearly finished.
The one below is for a Style Me Pretty Inspiration to Reality shoot:

These are not store-bought, pre-made flowers. The flowers are all made from scratch from silk and cotton fabric... I hand dye them, hand cut them, hand paint, hand press and then hand sew.... hence, my little fingers are a bit tired... and multi-colored.

I am continually becoming more and more critical of my work and that's been making me really try to push the envelope in terms of the complexity of my pieces and the originality. On a side note, since I started, I feel like everytime I try to make something totally original and apart from everything else out there, someone starts to copy it. It can be so frustrating... I keep telling myself, "f*#$ it... I'll create something new again and even more elaborate..." and then that gets copied.... it's a vicious cycle (sorry for the mini vent, but I work hard and it can be so exhausting and annoying). Gosh... I know I'm not the only designer who has to go through this (look at my favorite fernanimals). To all the Twigs & Honey friends, fans, brides, clients... thank you so much for all your support through the last two years!! I promise not to vent often! Twigs & Honey brings me such happiness and I like to be happy more than sad. :)

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