What a week!

It has been an insanely busy week, so I do apologize for the light blog posts! I didn't get dressed up once this week... I have been in sweats every single day, so no outfit posts. So sorry! I am also a little behind on messages and orders and am staying up late tonight again to catch up. So hang tight!
What the heck have I been up to this week? WELL... I have been building a brand new website from scratch...
I had a couple medical things to attend to...
I had two photo shoots to create pieces for...
Fulfilling orders...
And every once and a while... I sleep a little. ;)
I jokingly wrote to my sister that I only showered twice this week. I know, I know! Ew~ So not lady like! But it's been that busy. I figure that saves me about 1 hour. So for all the lovely blog readers, here's a sneak peak at some new pieces I worked on this week for the shoots...

Hand dyed silk, handmade flowers, berry accents
For a country bride, hand dyed silks and linen flowers
And introducing my new Velvet line:
Luxurious hand dyed silk velvet... all handmade. Each petal is handwired so you can bend into place as you please. This particular piece also features vintage velvet paper wired leaves. More velvet pieces to come!

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