Personal project :: What to wear?

My big sister is getting married in a couple weeks! AND I still have nothing to wear!

It is definitely less stress to come up with an outfit compared with when I was a bride, but it doesn't help that I've been procrastinating. Last weekend at the fashion show, I saw a gorgeous Kate Towers dress that I thought might work and may still if I can find the time to try it on - currently at the English Dept. in Portland. Kate is the sweetest by the way and you must check out her lovely new site. I digress... so I might make my own dress! Last night, I made a pattern and sewed a mock up. It was made from a more affordable cotton with a sweet and girly checkered pattern (I'll post a picture when I finish the lining). Matt says I look like a "traditional" housewife in it. He is saying this in a good way. :) Actually, he said, "I can't believe you made that!" So it is an encouraging start! Anyhow, after mostly finishing it, I've tweaked the pattern a little and am ready to go fabric shopping for a more lovely and formal material. Wish me luck!

Here was my inspiration:

I love this dress at Anthropologie. Find it here. Alas, this dress is way over my budget and my size is sold out. =T
My mock up dress is this same shape, but I wanted to add a lovelier neckline and straps.

I would love to wear these shoes. My sister's wedding colors are white, black, silver and blue so I think these would be perfect! I discovered them here and you can find them here.

Photo credit: parker j. I have been obsessed with this shrug. The gorgeous Christine of cevd wore this lovely shrug for her wedding and I can't stop thinking about it. Something about the dramatic shape and volume gives me goosebumps. Love, LOVE it. SO, if I can get my act together, I wanted to make a shrug inspired by this one but in silver/blue/gray and a little toned down just so I don't take any attention away from the bride! This shrug reminded me of this old photo of Keisha Castle-Hughes:

Photo from here. Hopefully, this is faux fur... but I like the shape! I'll try to post an update in a week or two, IF I am able to finish in time. If not, I'm "watching" a couple dresses on eBay. *sigh* Why are the prettiest things in the world so darn expensive???

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