Week of Inspiration :: Day 1 :: Personal Style

Photo source: Kate Towers
As previously mentioned, this week I'll be posting about a different aspect of the twigs & honey biz and the various creative folks that inspired me along the way. I just spent all day Sunday finishing taxes. I'm mentally done with numbers for this week, so onto pretty things!

In terms of the style of twigs & honey pieces, I have been influenced by so many people, materials, and eras throughout the years. During the beginning though of "twigs & honey" (earlier 2007), I was particularly drawn to local designers Holly Stalder and Kate Towers. Up until the more recent past, they co-owned a lovely shop in Portland: Seaplane. I found out about them after discovering that one of our wedding photographers, Holly Andres (of Paul Rich Studio), had her dress custom made by Kate (which was this utterly gorgeous blue confectionary treat! I hope photos of her dress surface someday!!). Everything about the varying textures they used and their deconstructed styles appealed to me. Though both designers definitely have a different style, I think I love them equally! If I can create adornments that include all the complexity and uniqueness of one of their gowns, I'm happy. Have I ever mentioned that they are both the biggest sweethearts?? Thank you Holly and Kate for being such great inspiration to so many admirers!!

If you read the blog or visit my Etsy shop, I'm sure you recognize this dress that I ALWAYS wear. It's my favorite, favorite Kate Towers dress. Aw~ but a very old photo that recently came out of the woodwork.

Beautiful wedding dress by Kate Towers.
Photo credits: Portland Bride & Groom

One of my all time favorite Holly Stalder ensembles... so much so, that I had to have that shrug!
Photo from here.

Lovely Holly Stalder dress.
Photo from here.

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