1 year Twigs & Honey anniversary :: Giveaway!

These pieces were a couple special projects from this past year.
I meant to do this post a little sooner, but it's been so busy!
Anyhow, I wanted to thank everyone who worked with and supported me this past year with twigs & honey! I cannot believe how fast the year went by, but on January 25th, twigs & honey is celebrating 1 year since its first Etsy sale to this lovely lady. As a modest thank you (if I had more time, I would do something bigger), I am doing a giveaway on this blog. Starting today, January 19th, through midnight, January 25th, post a comment on this blog, copy and paste the link to your favorite twigs & honey piece, and describe why it is your favorite. You can navigate through all my past Etsy sales by clicking here. I'll choose someone randomly (yes! So everyone has a fair chance.) and the winner will receive a specially designed, one of a kind Valentine's Day twigs & honey hair piece. I'll try to post the picture later this week. I'll post a follow up blog post after January 25th, to announce the winner. Thank you to everyone following this blog and hooray for anniversaries!
A few of my favorites from last year:

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