Twigs & Honey Giveaway piece and more

Thank you to everyone for your extremely sweet comments to the last post! I'm excited to see who will be randomly chosen! I wish I had time to make several hundred pieces for everyone. It has been great to read the comments and get a feel for what pieces everyone is most interested in, which gives me great feedback for what pieces might make reappearances this next season. Here's the piece I'll be giving to the winner of the giveaway, to be announced Monday. Remember, get your comments in by midnight on Sunday (January 25th, Pacific time) and post them on the previous post for January 19th.

The lace ribbon band is a fuchsia color, but it is coming off more red in photos.
Another reminder to all brides and those interested in seeing some lovely fashion. The English Dept. is putting on a fashion show, A Novel Romance, on February 1st at the Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon. I'll be making the accessories and I've been busy putting together a nice collection. Here's my favorite piece so far:

Most of the pieces I'll be making for the show will be available for purchase sometime after the show (I think I'm going to use them for a photos shoot). If you attend the show and see a piece that you like, contact me to let me know that you are interested at First come, first serve basis and price upon request.

One last note! Like the necklace I'm wearing with the giveaway piece? It is made by one of my favorite designers on etsy, Joie de Vie. Blair, the lovely Mrs. behind the line, was so kind to send me this piece and I love it. Isn't it so cute and perfect for Valentine's Day, which is coming up! Thank you Blair!!! You can find this same necklace in her shop by clicking here.

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