New Collection :: Firefly Enlightened :: twigs & honey

Even though I've been happily plugging away at the custom orders, I've managed to squeeze in just enough time to launch just one piece from my new collection: Firefly Enlightened. I have known for some time now that I'd like to launch several themed collections just because my pieces can vary quite a bit, and generally the pieces follow some related theme. I suppose you could also call it my guilty pleasure as I'm really stretching my creative muscles and branching out into different designs I've always wanted to create, but just didn't have time! If you're just too busy for a custom order, these new themed sets will likely provide a piece for you that will suit your tastes and needs. I'm not going to go into too much detail about each collection, but the series for the 2008 spring and summer collections will tentatively include: Woodland, Meadowlark, On the Seashore, DewDrop, and the already started Firefly Enlightened. I'm also so giddy to announce that I'll be creating a line exclusively for the English Dept. in Portland, OR. Expect for pieces to become available through the English Dept. around the end of this month.

Just a bit more on Firefly Enlightened. Today, I listed the first piece of the collection, Estella. The piece was created with just some of the most fantastic materials and I really incorporated everything my heart moved me to include. I was thinking that not many people would be trolling through Etsy and shopping on a Sunday evening, but guess what? I believe it sold in record time! Last I remember, I posted it, went out to dinner, came home, and it had sold! So, I apologize for not posting the shop update sooner for everyone who may have been interested and those who have been wondering when I'd have some new pieces listed (not reserved items)! I really thought I'd have some time after dinner to post to my blog. :) I also wanted to say that Firefly Engligtened is a series that I have created for hair pieces that are elegant, airy, only slightly whimsical, and that include subdued colors and very unique materials. I was visualizing that ladies who would want a piece from this line are poised yet not stiff, love finding heirloom-esque treasures, appreciate color coordination and soothing palettes, but also want something as unique as they are. Why the name "Firefly Enlightened"? Well, my husband's pet name for me is firefly and the enlightened portion - means progressive, free-thinking, open-minded, tolerant, etc. I was randomly, yet deliberately inspired. :) Check back soon for more information on the collections.

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