Pinkham Millinery :: The Procession

Photo credits: Minh Tran
I wish we could have gone! Matt and I were way too sick and didn't want to infect anyone else, but if we could have, we would have gone to last week's Pinkham Millinery show that took place in a cemetery! You already know how I ADORE Dayna Pinkham's creations.... so this event really looked ultra spectacular... pulling many talented local designers together to create an oh-so-tim burton-esque feel. View more pictures HERE.
I'm SO completely obsessed with this sexy number by Elizabeth Dye. I got to see it in the flesh at the Enlish Dept. the other day. I love the corset/bodice details, the flare of the skirt below the knees, the ruffles at the shoulder (similar to this creation of hers - Elizabeth... you make me sick with all your talent). But I especially love the long train/bustle detail in the back...
*Sigh* Such lovely head art.

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