Watercolor blooms

Freshly handmade from scratch:
Twigs & Honey Watercolor Blooms.
These ones are always slightly different from piece to piece. I love that. :) I hear more people saying they hand paint their flowers even though it doesn't look like it. I think some people use "hand painted" in the way they describe their work when it actually isn't. I use in my descriptions when I actually paint them so it might be that others use the language because they don't know better? Not sure. Anyhow, I started hand painting them a few years ago to achieve gorgeous depth and dimension and it's the real deal - literally hand painted petals. Not just saying it. In 2008, I got a crazy/cool project for a major perfume label where I had to hand paint flowers - that was really fun! I used to paint quite a bit when I was young and it's so fun to actually use that skill for my work. I never would have guessed it 20-25 years ago! I'm not a "painter" - I just enjoy it. Would love to get better in the coming years. I really admire great painters. It takes a ton of skill and dedication - and time. :)

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