Tiny shop update :: more to come!

I added a full birdcage veil and a couple lovely flowers to the new Twigs & honey online shop! I was hoping to have more up today, but all my orders took much longer to process. I will aim to have more lovely pieces up soon!! Thank you so much for your patience. Here is the made to order veil you can purchase through the new shop:

Sublimity is up too!
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Sneak peak :: A Novel Romance Fashion Show

Here is a sneak peak from earlier Sunday. I'll have more later this week. Overall... BEAUTIFUL! I have so much more to write!

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twigs & honey :: by myra :: New piece in shop!

Just a shop twigs & honey announcement:

After many inquiries about when I'd be listing a new piece in my shop, I made a new one yesterday between orders and have posted it in my Etsy shop. Please check it out! I think it's absolutely darling with baby blues and yellow. It is absolutely perfect for spring (as it was inspired by a randomsunny day here in Oregon - land of perpetual rain!). Please...
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