Birthday and a Boutique!

First off, can everyone wish my hubby, honey, lovebug a HAPPY BIRTHDAY?! It's his birthday today and how did we celebrate? Work! Yay! haha. Actually, Matt accompanied me to Portland yesterday to take care of some twigs & honey business and we did what any other normal adults without supervision/newlyweds would do. We woke up late, ate cold pizza for breakfast at 11:00 and finished with strawberry ice cream. You know, if you can, why not?

Among things to take care of in Portland yesterday, I am so happy to announce that the exclusive twigs & honey collection for the English Dept. is now available! If you are interested in these pieces, stop by The English Dept. in downtown Portland, OR. While you are there, coo at everything in the shop and say hi to the talented Elizabeth Dye. Yesterday, I dropped off 1 headband, 1 hairwrap/belt/armband, and 5 floral hair pieces. To all those nearby that frequent the shop, enjoy! If you'd like to know more, get in touch with the English Dept. or yours truly.

Today, I've been busy working on custom orders, and poor Matt was stuck playing Wii as I was busy sewing and cutting. I did manage to run to the store to buy a pre-made cake. I know, I know! I should have baked it! I normally do, but I was just too busy and would rather he have his cake and eat it than no cake, and no cake eating! mmmm.... and who wouldn't love Cookies and Cream Chocolate Cake?

Thank you Elizabeth (again!) and Happy Birthday Matt!

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