Racing & Birthdays!

Our family has a lot of birthdays in January! Mine, my dad's and my sister's husband, Sean. This past weekend, we had our birthday dinner at Claim Jumper in Clackamas, OR and ate TONS of good food and had a great time:
After dinner, we went to Sykart in Tigard, OR for some awesome kart racing!
Signing in and getting ready. Matt and I got memberships. Yes!
Getting pumped up for the race! The karts at sykart can go over 40mph, all indoors!
Getting on the helmet liner. So stylish!
Race results. I won!! Out of 10 racers in that race. :) Beat the 9hp faster kart with my 6hp. Matt got the best lap time in the next race and I got 2nd.
Kart racing is my new latest obsession. It's soooooo fun. Everyone should try it!
Thanks to my sis for the photos!

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