I had to drop everything to do a quick post...

Thank you, Elizabeth Messina!
I know I keep gushing about Elizabeth Messina, but with good reason... as talented of a photographer this lady is, she is equally kind, professional and thoughtful... and stunning! I've been seeing more of the gorgeous photos from A Lovely Workshop appearing on blogs including Style Me Pretty (go HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE), and I just love to oogle every single one. A few minutes ago, I got a UPS package... a big package. I thought, "hmm... what did I purchase recently??" When I opened the box, I found within it, a beautiful and heavy wooden box with gorgeous embellishing. I would have been giddy with just the box, but the contents just made me squeal out loud. Countless high-quality prints all wrapped in bundles with raffia, a disc from A Lovely Workshop, and an oh-so-pretty card. Elizabeth... you ridiculously sweet lady, you!

Above and beyond... this lady exceeds expecations in every way and I am so grateful to have worked with her. Thank you, thank you Elizabeth Messina!! Be sure to visit her blog, kiss the groom (I know I do everyday!). I think I need to update my website soon... expect to see more of her stunning work soon!
Photo credits for photographed photos: Elizabeth Messina

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