New Collection piece - tentative list date and time

I know that many people have asked when I'll be posting a new piece in my etsy shop. I also know that I always think I'll have time, but seem to always run out! Well, tomorrow evening to late night (Pacific time), I'll be posting a new piece named, Cynthia, part of the new Firefly Enlightened Collection. Refer to the previous post for more information on this new and exciting collection. Other new tid bits: Like the new logo??? I love it and can't say enought about it, that is when my eyes are not glued to it in a hypnotic fashion. Marisa of Fluff Life, is an ultra talented graphic designer and is working with me on creating a logo for twigs & honey. More to come but I couldn't resist throwing it up if even for only 1 day. Thank you so much Marisa!

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