Short Business Trip :: Orlando, FL

I'll be away from Tuesday (11/11) to Saturday (11/15). Matt and I are heading across the U.S. to Orlando, FL for business.

Just a super last minute question to anyone familiar with Orlando. Do you have any recommendations for a great place to go shopping? I'm looking for possibly a nice street I can visit with unique boutiques, all within walking distance from each other. Preferably not a "mall". I know, I know... cutting it close! I won't really have much time to shop, but if I get an hour or two, I'd like to squeeze it in. ;)

Thank you! -Myra

p.s. I know my blog posts and shop updates were limited last week. I have been scrambling to get orders finished before our trip AND Matt and I have been working on financial planning and taxes - it's a ton of work! Expect a post in the new year about it and tips on starting your own business (I'm thinking of doing a little series). My head is drowning in numbers right now!

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