Redundancy is good... when it involves puppies!!

Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful comments on the previous puppy post. Indy is such a bundle of joy and Matt and I brag about her to everyone because you know... she is the best dog in the whole wide world in our eyes.

She is so quick to learn and I don't even give her enough credit. It has been less than one week and she knows that it is bad to go potty indoors... only, I didn't know she knew! At 1:00am last night, she cried and whined and I scolded her for being so loud when Matt was asleep. Then I thought... "hmmmmm.." and took her outside and she really had to do her business. I felt so bad! She was trying to tell me something!

If she could read, her head would be huge from all the sweet comments about her. Here are just a few more photos from yesterday. I couldn't resist!

"I don't know... looks like a shady guy to me."

"Maybe this isn't so bad."

"Tastes okay."
Update: Poor doll is now missing an arm and stuffing.





America's Next Top Dog Model

"That's a wrap!"

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