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I know the blogging has been quiet lately, but I haven't completely vanished! I've just been juggling several huge projects. I always multi-task. I can't help myself. For instance, when I brush my teeth before bed, I take Indy out for one last potty break, come back, clean the sink, and maybe throw a load of laundry in - still brushing the teeth throughout. I tend to be the most efficient when I have tons on my plate, so it's been great!

So onto the updates!

1. Working on and finished a dress to wear for my big sis's wedding THIS Saturday!
2. Still working on orders - Almost finished Sharon!
3. Still working on replying to all the convos
4. Got my hair straightened - it is naturally wavy/frizzy
5. Finished the new website - Most of it is up! Check it out here.
6. Working on finishing all the many pieces for my sis's wedding, again THIS Saturday!
7. Building pieces for upcoming photo shoots
8. Planning an exotic destination vacation with the hubby

Items 1 & 6:
YES! My big sister, Amy, is getting married THIS Saturday and I have a TON of pieces to complete. My mom pitched in and made a shawl for her and helped with the boutonnieres. I just need to finish all the bridesmaid pieces, ring pillow, and bridal hair piece. ALMOST! Also, I finished my dress last week. In 1 day... okay, it took all day, but it's done. Photos to come. OHHHH!!!!! And guess what?! A very nice lady is going to be making that uber chic shrug from the previous post for me! I cannot wait. I'll have more on this later. :)

Item 2: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE!!!! I'm really pushing to get orders out sooner!!!

Item 3: SAME AS FIRST HALF OF #2.... thank you, thank you for your patience and for those who resubmitted convos and emails. It meant so much to me to see the flood of convos from all the brides and ladies still interested. I'm still chipping away, but it was a huge help for me. Thank you!!

Item 4: I got my hair straightened, FINALLY! I actually have wavy/frizzy hair if you can believe it and it had been nearly 1.5 years since my last thermal reconditioning. I have more to post on this later in the week with photos! For now, check out my stylist's website, LeResh. I don't trust anyone else with my hair straightening. FYI... a potential giveaway lined up through her, so check back for a possible AWESOME giveaway.

Item 5: You heard it right! I FINALLY did it!!!! I think if you track back to June sometime, I mentioned how there would be a new website coming shortly. Well, "stuff" happened (i.e. I was too busy to even sleep!) and after recently getting some gorgeous photos from Lisa Warninger and Kimberly Hurst, I got the extra push to finish it. I did it all by myself! Okay, yeah, yeah... no big deal... but it was a big deal to me because I had to teach myself how to use all the programs as I went along. I didn't study graphic design and haven't taken any courses, so it was a big milestone for me. Trust me. You need Flash to view it, but check it out HERE (twigsandhoney.com). The old site didn't have all the functionality that I needed, hence the overhaul. PLUS, I'll have a new shop soon. It's not up yet, but I'm working on that. Enjoy!

Item 7: Photos to come. Possibly a few months from now, but I'll post once they become available.

Item 8: Matt has some vacation time he must use so we are going on a much needed trip soon. It won't be for long, but our #1 pick right now is Istanbul. Exciting!

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