Laura Ryan Photography

I, like so many out there, am a self described pack rat. Every snippet of ribbon, length of thread, button, and broken sand dollar, I hoard because someday, I'll need it (right?). Well, as for my hair pieces, I develop these little attachments to each one and always wonder, "Did they arrive to the customer okay?" OR "I wonder what adventure it will be taken on?" Recently, I was fortunate to have a wonderfully talented photographer purchase a piece from my Etsy shop. This particular piece happened to be a personal favorite of mine and I was so tickled to see photos of its arrival to Laura Ryan Photography. Laura just so happens to be this amazing photographer (any interested brides - check her out!) and was so kind to snap a handful of photos and send them my way. I am so happy that this piece found its way into the talented hands of Laura! I know she'll take care of my hearted piece and did I mention, Laura is super sweet to boot?! Well, after seeing the twigs & honey piece so nicely cared for already, I feel the grip on my trinkets and odds and ends slightly loosening. Perhaps I shouldn't be so attached after all? I do believe that all the pieces are going to develop wonderful stories with each person who takes one home! Memories, really, to last a lifetime. Thank you Laura Ryan Photography! To all the special brides and ladies who have already or will purchase a piece, send photos when you get the chance! I'd love to see them! Thank you ahead of time.

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