New twigs & honey design! :: Orchids!

Some weeks ago, a lovely bride contacted me to request a custom order. Orchids!

I tend to gravitate toward making more abstract florals, so orchids were a new challenge for me as you really can't make them too abstract without losing the whole "orchid" vibe. I love a challenge and I always love to create new items so I loved taking this order! It gave me a great excuse to try something completely new (to the sweet bride purchasing these lovely flowers... I hope I'm not freaking you out! Don't worry. I would not have let you down!).

The bride requested 3 orchids, ivory, a touch of pale pink and pearls. The end product? I love them so much!! I made them by hand and could not have had a more enjoyable experience. Here are a few shots:

I think they are so fun and fresh. :)
Here is a shot from my new twigs & honey studio. This is what I see looking out the window...

Here's the tree you are seeing from the outside:

The lovely dogwood in full bloom:

It's so funny how I haven't spent much time outside our new home yet! I've been locked up creating pieces but I just discovered these in our garden and squealed!:

We have peonies! Okay, so they are not in bloom yet, but soon. We have 5 peony plants in our garden. How exciting! More home photos to come someday, when I find time to unpack.

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