Whew~ Okay! So I feel so bad, but I had to close my custom orders for weddings through the last weekend of July because things are getting a bit crazy. I'm horrible at saying "no" to anyone and always want to work with anyone that wants to work with me but it has gotten to the point for a long time where I rarely sleep and still work 7 days a week. I still feel bad but I really need to get the time sensitive orders finished on time. So sorry for the inconvenience, but if you are interested in a piece and don't need it until August, I'd still love to work with you and welcome the order!

Just a little tip:
There are a few pieces left that are completed and sitting pretty at the English Dept. in Portland, OR. You can view the collection at the twigs & honey official website. I should be making some more pieces to refresh the supply when I get the time, and will post an announcement when that happens.
Also, I'll be creating new pieces towards the end of June/early July for an online boutique and another shop in San Fran and possibly a third boutique. When it's closer to those dates, I'll make a formal announcement.

Other news:
Marichelle, of Heart Handmade blog, was so sweet to tap me for an interview. All sorts of great questions were asked and all those answers will go live Monday, May 26th. Yes, featuring all my random glory. You should visit her site in the meantime. It is FABULOUS!!! She features various artists that do all sorts of "handmade" things. Love it! Thank you Marichelle!!!

Totally random:
I'll soon satisfy my long obsession of obtaining an elusive Fernanimal. This one is mine:

Completely random, I know.

I tell Matt that this one looks like it stuck its paw in an electical outlet.

... which makes its "look" just that much cuter. What is this creature? Dunno. I am just drawn to quirky and cute beings.... oooohh..... mesmerized. It should be arriving to its new home in a week or two. I'll post its landing. ;)

Photo credits: Fernanimals

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