A new surface :: Vika Manne

As I have outgrown all my work surfaces, Matt just called from Ikea to point out a table he's picked out for me. Okay, just hang in there with me:

Photo credits: Ikea; table - Vika Manne
Isn't it ridiculously cute and even cuter that he picked this one out of all the tables at Ikea? teehee! It's like a big pink egg. I can't wait to have it set up. I had been complaining about an achy back and neck because I'm always hunched over working on pieces. I just got out of a job where I sat there for 2 years staring at a computer (not that it was a bad thing, but just, you know). I had mentioned that I wanted to be able to stand up and work and sit when I was doing computer work so he picked out this cute piece and will get the adjustable legs so it's at a 42-43" height for me. Oh! Too exciting. Perhaps I sound a bit nutty for being so excited to stand most of the day, but trust me, when you sit hunched over for stretches of 16+ hours at a time, it really does a number on your back. 26 going on 70. The simple things in life...

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