Fixing the homestead :: Color blindness continues

Remember when I mentioned we would be painting the studio "Aqua Frost"? Well, it came out Frosty for sure! Not so much aqua. I guess that is always how it goes with painting a new color. I swear I stared under the special lights for 30 minutes looking at color swatches and finally narrowing it down, but it still didn't come out quite how we expected. Darn! Color attempt #2: Vintage Map. This color will be a bit more green than the aqua frost, so I'm hoping to achieve the more mint color I was looking for. Besides the paint fumes, I suppose it's not all too bad. Actually, I think it is about 97% better than the previous color. I love natural light and this new wall color is really making my latest custom orders more vivid in photos - much more like real life. The previous darker green wall color really muted the pieces. The color comes across quite lovely in photos... but trust me when I say it is a pretty sharp/piercing light blue and not the quirky but still relaxing color I was looking for. Although, I did want the color to keep me chipper and awake... this sure does the trick!

You can see the wall color behind me in this photo. Looks awesome in the photo, yes? I just wish it looked this great in real life. You'll be seeing the new color soon!

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