New piece! :: DewDrop birdcage veil with handmade blooms

Just a super fast note...

I have been having to turn away a ton of wonderful brides because I truly cannot take on any more rush orders from now through the first week of September. I feel very guilty and so sorry, but I am pulling about 18-20 hour workdays and it will be like this straight through September, 7 days a week and no holidays. My last rough tally shows I have 660+ custom pieces to make from now until October and this isn't including special projects and boutique orders. I just want to personally say that if I could squeeze more into a day, I would very much love to work with everyone interested! From the bottom of my heart, thank you SO much for your support and kind words about twigs & honey!

I am going to try to throw up pieces from time to time and today is one of those days! I call this the "4am piece". hahaha! In the middle of the night, I was chipping away at convos and I just felt so bad having to turn away so many sweet ladies so I decided to make a lovely veil/flower piece open to the public. I will be listing it within a couple hours. It is white and ivory, silk chiffon, completely handmade and with a couple sleek goose feathers. Check it out in my Etsy shop.

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