Great gift idea for your special guy :: Bespoke made easy by 9tailors

When Samantha of 9tailors got in touch with me last month, I was excited! My hubby, Matt, is always having the most difficult time finding a well fitting shirt. Does your guy experience this? One of the problems for Matt is that he is tall and lean and any shirt long enough is generally too big in the sides. Anyhow, the brilliant force behind 9tailors would like to help your guy get the right fit with their customizeable shirts. 9tailors makes getting the most practical and thoughtful gift for your guy so easy!!! Rather than butcher the company's description, here is what Samantha had to say:

"History - I was in China last year doing graduate school and I probably made about 60 pieces of clothing. And, I thought what a great service to bring to the U.S. because I know A) a lot of people can't buy clothing off the rack (I'm 5'0" and curvy) and have to get things altered; B) it's difficult to find places in the U.S. to purchase affordable custom made clothing; and C) it's also very difficult to find clothing companies where the end user has a hand in the creative process.

Process - It's fairly simple. Step 1) Register onto the site. Step 2) Get measured. Step 3) Design a shirt. Step 4) Wait 3-6 weeks for your shirt to arrive.

Products - All our products are made-to-measure. There are many possibilities for our shirts (over 300,000 unique shirts can be created). We do not mass produce our shirts at all. Our products are great for work, play and special occasion. They make great groomsmen gifts too as we can monogram each shirt."

How exciting, yes??? Well, I am excited. This would make a perfect wedding gift for your special guy or anniversary gift and seeing that Matt and I have our 1 year anniversary coming up, I'd better get a move on with this!

Thank you Samantha for sharing all the fabulousness of 9tailors with the rest of us! By the way, Samantha always told me, "At some point, we will be moving to women's products..." YES!

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