Week of Inspiration :: Day 5 (overdue!) :: Best All Around

I never posted my last day of Inspiration week from weeks ago!

Elizabeth Dye! Need I say more. She was the talent behind my gorgeous wedding dress transformation. She owns and runs (yes, meet her in the flesh) a real shop, The English Dept., in Portland, OR. She designs and sews the most beautiful clothing. She also sells on Etsy! *sigh* She is superwoman - a total powerhouse! I don't think I know anyone that has it so together or who works as much as Elizabeth. I could go on and on (and on!) about how uber fabulous she is. What a great inspiration to us all! On top of it all, she is cool. Who uses the word "cool" anymore (makes me feel so 90s using that word)! That is how cool she is. One of those gals that always look effortlessly put together (she has the cutest outfits), can carry a lovely short hairstyle with ease (you always make me want to lob more of my hair off!) and makes you think, "I'd better work harder!" Check out her blog for more inspiration!
A lovely Elizabeth Dye dress and shrug (similar shrug available on Etsy).
I love this jacket she made - ruffles and poufy shoulders!
Elizabeth Dye
Oldie but I love it.
I'm doing a trade with Elizabeth and I couldn't be more excited (yes, I feel lucky!). I have a shrug addiction and I have a feeling this will be the shrug of all shrugs. I'll post pictures when it is ready!

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