Tastefully done boudoir

A little part of me cringes at the thought of boudoir photos... perhaps it's modesty... or maybe I've seen too much done in ways that make me feel uncomfortable? I think boudoir is gorgeous and beautiful if done the right way (although, we are all entitled to our own opinion about style). I think it's nice when you can look at a boudoir photo like a piece of artwork. If you can look at it without feeling uncomfortable or a bit embarrassed, then I think it's done its job. I think a perfect boudoir photo for me shows the beauty of every woman and celebrates femininity. If it has an old world, vintage charm... bonus! If you are in agreement and in the Portland area January 24-25th, you should book a session with Lisa Warninger. She'll be working with a very talented stylist, Rebecca Westby (who's work I'm sure you'll see much more of in the future) and Madi Cosmetics. I hear that slots are filling up fast... but what better gift for your special someone for Valentine's? Here's a sampling

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