Busy, busy over here. I've been staying up late to around 4-5am, waking up at 7-8am and working all day like a fiend. I apologize for the sad blog! I feel guilty pulling myself away to do blog posts! I promise it will be all worth it. Thank you to all the blog readers!! Matt has been helping me with shipping in the evenings. We've been taking HUGE batches to the post office, they fill up the entire car's backseat and I have them on my lap too... and then we cram so many boxes into the post office bins that we jam the door. One more HUGE batch of shipments tonight and if you're waiting for your order, it is on its way (if you purchased something before April 29th)! Whew! About 60 down and 30 more to go before France! Of course, right before we leave, the garden is in full bloom. Just a few photos:

Pansy... staring at you!
Since I've been staying up so late, Indy hasn't been getting much sleep while she accompanies me. She likes to sleep under my desk when I'm emailing and she sleeps on my feet when I'm making pieces at my stand up station. Here are a couple shots of her. So cute... she dragged her squeaky cow doll into the room and used it like a pillow while sleeping on my feet:
She can be so clever. Other times, she has it between her front legs while napping, like people do with teddy bears.

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