Landed :: Writing to you from Paris!

I stayed up for a straight 58 hours before we hopped on the plane for France... that was one of my longest stretches of no sleep ever. Isn't that nuts? That was after sleeping only a couple hours a night for several days. When we boarded the plane, I slept off and on until Houston and then for the 9 hour flight to Paris, I slept for about 8 hours. ha! I don't like flying, so this was nice. We got one of the middle rows of seats and the plane was fully booked but due to delays, we nearly missed our flight BUT someone else must have too because we got 3 seats for the two of us and I got to curl up on 2 seats for a nice, long sleep.

When we landed, we got our rental car and drove around the city and after finally finding a single parking spot, we stopped at a quaint cafe for lunch... or breakfast? Matt got quiche and I finally got my cheese... toasted goat cheese on a baguette. So yummy. Our hotel room is tiny but nice and after a quick shower, I've come out, ready to hit the streets, but Matt is totally dead asleep. Perhaps I should wake him up? We are in the city of love! Maybe I'll wake him... this girl needs to see the sights!

IMG_2920Sleepy looking. But hey, cute hat, yeah? It's the one from flipside hats and I'm wearing my new Amy Wing Designs necklace (I need to get a close-up photo!)

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