Little Winter photos coming...

I'm still recovering from an amazing weekend! Little Winter was a huge success and I was so thankful for everyone that stopped by. I was there all Saturday and it was a real animal house with almost no room to walk. Since it was so busy, I thought I would make my rounds and take tons of photos on Sunday, but I got very ill with a bout of food or chemical poisoning and was unfortunately MIA (actually, in the car purging my stomach, TMI!).

I really wanted to thank Abby and Chelsea for their amazing job at getting such a wonderful group together. I know they worked tirelessly for months and it really paid off. I want to thank Abby's sister, Lindee, who was so very sweet and helpful the day of. I also wanted to thank Corey Harmon, who did a wonderful PR job with Little Winter and was such a sweet volunteer the day of as well.

A VERY special THANK YOU to my better half, Matt, who many of you met as he manned the booth all day Sunday. I felt so bad that I missed some of you that came to say "hi", but Matt remembered you all and passed the word to me that you came by (thank you!).

I will have some photos up later today! I am still recovering a bit and have to finish up a big project this early afternoon, but I promise to have more on Little Winter soon in addition to some remaining items from the market that will be up for grabs. BTW - I started selling brand new wooden clips and they SOLD OUT at the show. Thank you so much to everyone who snatched one or more up. I will have more in the next couple weeks!

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