Little Winter Photos!

Okay! So here is my embarrassingly small collection of photos from the amazing Little Winter Market (read previous post). I snapped these before the big rush of visitors in about 20 seconds. The lovely ladies have started a great Flickr group for Little Winter though, so definitely stop by HERE for more, prettier photos! :)

BTW, I really loved a mirror at but couldn't justify the cost, so I found the one you see in this photo on for less than $30! What a find!
Twigs & Honey
I had another couple jumbo poster prints by Elizabeth Messina, not pictured in this photo.
Cori Kindred
Artwork by Cori Kindred
Paper goods by Tokketok
Kiki and Polly
Paintings by Kiki & Polly
An assortment of goodies by fieldguided
Favor Jewelry
Lovely jewelry by Favor Jewelry
I wish I could have snapped more photos!! I loved all the vendors in attendance and really loved talking with all the wonderful visitors. Thank you so much for all the support. Let's all push for another Little Winter next year... what do you think??

*I should add that I sheltered in the car Sunday so that I would not forever be known as "vomit girl". I was so *lucky* to have had many plastic baggies with me randomly. I promise you that it was really with everyone else's best interest in mind. ;)

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