Where am I?

Photo credits: Elizabeth Messina
I'm so sorry for not blogging more! I used to blog so much.. what happened?
Well- the biggest order/project of my life happened and we are down to the last couple weeks of completion and then... then things will calm down a bit - but only a little bit.

What project?
A surprise project, of course!
What does it entail?
Managing about 27 people - day and night, weekdays and weekends
When will it become public?

So I'm literally working about 100+ hours a week. Almost triple full-time!
I know I've been really bad about my emails - and it haunts and taunts me all day long - I am so sorry if I haven't gotten back to you yet! Trust me - I feel bad and it weighs on me!! Also, many January orders have an extended turnaround time temporarily. After this project is finished, I'll have more help (so excited!) and things will finally be moving along faster.

I truly appreciate the patience and support from everyone during my busiest time ever!

I can't wait for the biggest reveal, ever! More likely than not, it will be coming to a city near you. ;) Stay tuned!!

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