Almost finished!!

Boxes... so many boxes. Boxes big enough to fit a couple bodies. Seriously! And within each box - product packed to the brim. Over 800 bundles of carefully handmade, sorted, and counted lovelies. Matt and I have been doing the pack out for the biggest project ever (with some local help on Saturday). On Sunday, we did some marathon packing from noon until 4am! Thousands and thousands of things... and we cannot wait to share with all of you!

So here it all is! I wasn't kidding at all when I said I've been working 100+ hours a week. It has been a massive undertaking and I could not have achieved it without a tremendous amount of help from my hubby, family, and many local contract workers - thank you!!!!

I know I've been bad about emails and I promise I wasn't trying to neglect you! I've just been completely consumed by this project and it isn't just doing it at a comfortable pace - everyday, it's working break neck speeds - running around, literally, all day long. BUT - it will be so wonderful to share with you in just a couple weeks!!!!

So thank you to everyone for your patience and here are a few photos we shot in the hallway outside of the new studio after 3am:

That's the top of my head - yes, lying on the boxes!

Trying to show some scale. ;)

Here's my working to the bone, no sleep, achy all over, but soooo happy look.
I want so badly to share with you - very soon! We are driving everything down in about 1 hour - about a 17 hour drive to LA. Nutty!

Check back for updates!

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