Summer Love

I love summer - LOVE! Oregon weather during the summer months has been pretty disappointing for the last few years until this summer. I decided before summer even began that we were going to utilize the nice weather as much as we could. I wanted to be outdoors, spend more time with family and really make enjoying life a priority. As crazy busy as it was for the last few months, it was so great to get away many weekends and just have fun. So I apologize for the lack of posts, but I've been out enjoying what little sunshine we get around here and the rest of the time, I've been working. ;) Here are some of this summer's highlights!

2012-05-05-19.24.55In the beginning, we went to Disneyland...2012-05-05-16.57.10And Matt flexed his muscles.2012-07-25-20.18.23And we went on many walks to the park with Indy - Bush Pasture Park2012-07-25-20.27.27This walk was on our 10 year anniversary - 10 years since we officially became a couple. :)20120728_114352Matt surprised me with a weekend getaway to the Zoo and beach... I'm wearing my new Yed Omi jewelry that I purchased from the designer at the Salem Art Fair this July.20120728_134546Animal watching...20120728_183732We stayed in Astoria at the Cannery Pier Hotel and ate Bosnian food in the town, which was delicious. We also visited the Goonies house. Isn't that so cool?20120728_18423720120728_18375320120729_164552Went sightseeing along the coast...20120729_164617At Cape Meares...20120729_170753Checked out the Octopus Tree.20120729_17124820120803_180813Stayed cool in shorts and tanks...DSCF0206Rented a beach house with my family at Rockaway Beach for the weekend - which was soooo awesome! We played all day on the beach, got tans, ate great food...20120804_121336DSCF0254Played in the sand with my nephew, Gavin, and my mom...DSCF0260More playing in the sand...DSCF0263I could live at the beach forever with weather like this.IMG_1073We went to Enchanted Forest. Here is my mom and dad at the shooting gallery.IMG_1080Posing with my sister.IMG_1102Log slide! Hubby and my dad...IMG_1139IMG_1167Family portraits...IMG_1170IMG_1174Making wishes... if you look real close, you can tell it's fake. ;)IMG_1190Exploring all the secret spots...IMG_1203Strolling...IMG_1199IMG_1215IMG_1231Entering the Witch's mouth...IMG_1235Eaten alive...IMG_1236IMG_1243getting dizzy in the crooked house...IMG_1255IMG_1252IMG_1265IMG_1270Slides!!!IMG_1273Okay - all four of us crammed into the log ride and made a BIG splash... I LOVE summer! I hope it never ends!!!!

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