Pumpkin patch 2012 - Heiser Farms

The hubby and I went to Heiser Farms in Dayton yesterday, to continue our tradition of picking pumpkins together - I think this was the 11th time! Where does the time go? We really like going to Heiser Farms because of the nice atmosphere, variety of activities, great pumpkin selection and delicious food. The first time we picked pumpkins together was back in 2002 at the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island and I love going there too, but sometimes it's a bit overwhelming and crowded. This year, we waited until the last minute - mostly due to lots of business trips earlier in the month - and for the first time ever, we picked pumpkins in the rain. A new experience! I didn't want to get my camera soaked so these are all phone photos. Check out our pumpkin adventure below:pumpkin5Hayrides!pumpkin2First up, eating frito boats and hot dogs.pumpkin1Dressed for the weather.pumpkin4Heading out to the pumpkins...pumpkin3Still lots of pumpkins to choose from.pumpkin8Very muddy out in the fields, but we prepared with rain boots... though I did see someone who wore white pants - or at least, they were before coming out to the fields.pumpkin9My new bubble umbrella worked perfectly!pumpkin7Winners!pumpkin6Bitty pumpkins...pumpkin10Finished out our trip with deep fried oreos and Apple Pie Fries. Yeah - you heard it right! We used to get deep fried twinkies... and then the oreos. But this time, we found the Apple Pie Fries! They are deep fried apple slices drizzled in caramel sauce, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and covered in whipped cream. Delish! My new deep fried favorite. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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