New 2012

With embellished veils, sparkly rhinestone headpieces, and soft lace headbands, our latest collection has easily become our all-time favorite to date. Designed and developed for over a year, we felt that a slow and deliberate growth of our pieces from conception to completion was the key to creating a truly memorable collection. By growing a deep love for each piece rather than a quick construct to chase a trend or satiate a momentary style whim, our aim was for the new styles to be loved from the moment chosen, worn and for years after.

We pulled out all the stops for each piece, highly curating the included styles to ensure that each design worked beautifully alone while creating an identifiable collection. Femininity, romance, and charm were themes carried throughout the new designs. We wanted the pieces to make the wearer feel both radiant and fetching. By exploring new materials, techniques and shape, we were able to create a collection that we feel is both innovative and celebratory. We believe that the Twigs & Honey bride is equal parts elegance and whimsy and chose to create pieces to cater to her distinctive style needs. Whether with a breathtaking but deliberately tattered veil (we lovingly refer to as the “unicorn tail”) or with a purposefully kinked but enchanting charm halo that’s as light as baby’s breath, the new pieces will satisfy our bride whose style is as unique as it is delightful.  © 2012 Twigs & Honey ®, LLC (2012 photos credits: Elizabeth Messina). Dresses pictured with 2012 Collection pieces are by Claire Pettibone and Leanne Marshall. Hair/Makeup by Erin Skipley.